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Study Habits – Tips and Strategies to Develop Positive and Successful Work Habits

By Erin Silver Now that my boys are mid-way through SK and Grade 1 it’s time to develop some good study habits. This whole semester I’ve been making them do homework whenever we have a spare minute. Sometimes we start our work at 7am. Sometimes I will try and…

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Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 4/4)

Amanda always shows up to tutor Ari wearing a big smile. Her laugh is contagious and her warmth draws Ari in; her firmness keeps him at the table! Ari’s tutoring is progressing really well – he’s happy and engaged – and I thought it might be fun to better get…

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Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 3/4)

Today marked our third session with Amanda. She asked us to research Ari’s favourite baseball players on the Internet during the week so she could help Ari make baseball cards. Amanda helped him interpret the data and write it out. Ari was thrilled with his card and enjoyed the process….

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Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 2/4)

Our first session with our tutor Amanda was a success. Ari was taken with her right away. He loves baseball, and Amanda had come armed with this knowledge. She had actually played competitive baseball in high school and they connected right away. She was cheerful, happy and laughed at all…

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Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 1/4)

I’d been thinking about hiring a tutor for my kids, Josh, 5, and Ari, 6, for several months. He’s just in SK, but Josh is on the verge of reading and I really wanted someone who could help him continue on the right path. Now in Grade 1, Ari very…

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