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Raising a Reader

raise a readerErin Silver discusses how she is on the journey of discovery to raise her boys to be readers. It’s an interesting read because it offers several key strategies for parents who have children who both struggle with early literacy skills, as well as for those children who thrive early. There is also a special BaseCamp mention….


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Mom in Business



Yael Baruch, Director of BaseCamp Tutors, discusses the workings of our program and services and why our program is so successful. This interview offers her insight on the her passion for educating and reaching every student.

           Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable educator who specializes in assessing and meeting the needs of students and learners of all ages….. 

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Yael Baruch – MILK (Mom I’d Like to Know)

Check out this interview on our director, Yael Baruch as a Mom I’d Like to Know – published by Pink and Blue Magazine. She discusses her role as a mother and mom-preneur and how she thought to bring BaseCamp Tutors to Toronto.

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Finding Solutions To A Child’s Difficulties In School

Jennifer Bell addresses a most common issue in Ontario homes: Why do children hate school? She encourages parents to ask the tough questions to determine the route of their children’s distaste for school. By discovering the academic or social issues early, parents can proactively support their children and address the…

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Intelligence In Seven Steps

Dr. Howard Gardner is the genius who brought the idea of multiple intelligences to the forefront of education. This theory suggests that the accepted belief that intelligence is something that can be assessed with an I.Q test is incredibly limited. Instead, he proposes eight different intelligences. This knowledge allows educators…

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Reach Every Student – Energizing Ontario’s Education

Ontario Ministry of Education presents their plan to reenergize Ontario’s education system. The focus is on literacy and numeracy from elementary to secondary schools. It suggests that “Strong literacy and numeracy skills are the critical foundation for all other academic achievement and for a lifetime of success.”

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