Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 1/4)

I’d been thinking about hiring a tutor for my kids, Josh, 5, and Ari, 6, for several months. He’s just in SK, but Josh is on the verge of reading and I really wanted someone who could help him continue on the right path. Now in Grade 1, Ari very well may know how to read, but he refuses to do it with me. Try as I might to point out words and sound out letters, they always get frustrated and insist that I read to them. While I’m more than happy to read to them, it would be so exciting if they knew how to read themselves. It would even help them understand sports and video games better! And now that Ari is getting spelling tests and homework, I’m feeling more ill equipped than ever when I insist that they sit down with me and do their work.
When thinking about the kind of tutoring service that would fit our lifestyle best, I knew that I didn’t want to take them to a learning centre every week. My kids and I are busy. Between baseball, hockey, swimming and play dates, I’m tired of rushing them around after school. It only creates anxiety and panic – especially when we are stuck in traffic and late for appointments. And I hate when we have to eat dinner in the car! I wanted someone energetic, firm but fun and someone who could come to my house and tutor my kids in a more relaxed environment and on our schedule. Most importantly, I wanted someone who would recognize the differences in my boys, and make sure that there was no ‘standard’ of tutoring – but rather both Ari and Josh would get individualized attention and instruction.
– Erin (Toronto mom)