Picking a Tutor – My family’s experience (part 3/4)

Today marked our third session with Amanda. She asked us to research Ari’s favourite baseball players on the Internet during the week so she could help Ari make baseball cards. Amanda helped him interpret the data and write it out. Ari was thrilled with his card and enjoyed the process.

She also helped him study for his spelling test. I usually try to test Ari orally, but Amanda made flash cards and explained that this is often an effectiveway to teach kids how to read and spell. She showed me which words he’s having trouble with and she tested him again and again, explaining to him how many words on his list sound the same and are spelled the same. I could tell he was engaged and learning. 

I loved hearing them laugh together. I loved seeing him smile. They are getting to know each other – Amanda was even comfortable telling Ari to sit back down and focus when he got distracted. She told me it’s hard for kids to sit still after a day at school but she thought he did great. No doubt, her innovative way of teaching and her ability to tailor lessons to his interests have been effective. Ari even told me that he likes her and liked making baseball cards. I’m looking forward to her visit next week!

– Erin (Toronto Mom)