Our Programs

BaseCamp Tutors is successful only when the client’s expectations are met. Our educational team works in line with teaching strategies that are proven successful!

Our Peak Reaching Program

  1. BaseCamp Assessment
    Your tutor will complete a BaseCamp Assessment in order to identify any specific needs, strengths, and goals. Assessing these details is crucial in establishing a personal education plan and moving forward in the most suitable way possible. It’s not so much about the content, but the way in which the content is delivered.
  2. Personalized Education Plan
    Using the assessment results, the tutor will gear each lesson plan to cater to these details. For example, if a student thrives as a visual learner, the tutor will ensure that lessons incorporate aids such as graphs, charts, pictures…etc
  3. One-On-One Support
    Nothing beats having private sessions for tutor and student. The pace, content and goals of each lesson are individually catered to whatever the student needs. For example, if a student and tutor are working on a math unit, and the student is stressing about a science test, the tutor can opt to help with what is needed, when it is needed.
  4. Updated Assessment Report
    The tutor is in constant communication with the head office to ensure the program is being implemented and the tutor has access to resources and guidance when needed. After 4-6 weeks of tutoring, an updated assessment report is completed to make sure the student and tutor are on task and approaching success.
  5. Reaching Your Peak & Celebrating Success!
    As all educators know, there is always room for growth and learning. But at BaseCamp Tutors, we want to celebrate our students’ successes along the way. Each peak achieved warrants praise and celebration! This encouragement goes a long way in creating new goals and having the motivation to journey towards them.