Higher Learning Ahead

BaseCamp Tutors is an established tutoring company that exists to serve the unique academic and educational needs, and learning styles of our students.

Our program works because of our unwavering commitment to create and maintain a trusting and caring environment where students are assisted as they enhance both academic and organization skills as well as develop a positive attitude towards learning.

All aspects of BaseCamp Tutors are student-centered – from the moment of initial contact, the student’s unique needs are considered – including learning style, background and family history, schedule preference and where the tutoring should take place.

Our goal is to provide what you need, when you need it with the perfect tutor. There is no question; BaseCamp Tutors is helping students to reach peaks of educational performance.

Yael Baruch
B.Ed., M.Ed.

Yael understands the needs of a learner.

Yael is the founder, and Director of BaseCamp Tutors. She is an experienced and knowledgeable educator with specializations in both assessing and meeting the needs of students and learners of all ages. With teaching experience in both the Toronto and Ottawa areas, as well as a Masters of Education degree, Yael understands the needs of a learner.

With previous successes directing a thriving tutoring company in Ottawa, Yael is ready to bring her expertise to the Toronto market. Yael directs the daily operations of BaseCamp Tutors Inc. and is fully committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and helping each learner reach their personal educational peaks.

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